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Good morning and happy Monday, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “currently” post! I LOVE reading these on others’ blogs, so here are some life updates in the form of what I’m currently:

Watching: “Cutthroat Kitchen” on Netflix.  // This show is hilarious. I’m already a huge fan of essentially any food or cooking show, and this ridiculous competition is both fascinating and really entertaining! It’s hosted by Alton Brown (from the show “Good Eats”) and the competing chefs must bid auction-style to sabotage each other in the most silly and frustrating ways.

Dreaming about: Our summer travel plans! // I’ll share more details later, but we’ll be in Europe in addition to other trips in the United States this summer. It’s funny, because before marriage, traveling with my husband is something I never anticipated being THIS MUCH FUN, but we’re typically so in sync in our travel style/planning and we love building precious memories together.

Listening to: the song “Passion Play” by William Fitzsimmons. // I’m not ashamed to listen to my favorite soothing songs on repeat! His music and voice is exactly what I need most days! This song is in my Low-Key Spotify Playlist.

Learning about: my camera, editing photos, and photography in general. // I always love attending live webinars on blogging topics, but lately I’ve been delving more into learning about photography intentionally. Photography is an area I’d REALLY like to improve in. So far, I’ve really appreciated Jenna Kutcher and Cole’s Classroom. Any resources you fellow aspiring photographers love?


Reading: “God’s Handmaiden” by Gilbert Morris. // I mentioned Morris in my “recent reads” post last week. I’m loving this book by him as well!

Grateful for: my husband Bjorn returning from a 6 day army drill. // Granted, we’ve been apart for much longer before: 10 days, 2 weeks, and a 6-week stretch before…but still, I miss him when he’s gone and I love having my handsome guy around. I’m also grateful for a mom who will drive a couple hours to spend the weekend with me, as we conquer projects around the house and spend time talking about faith. Isn’t it nice when your mom becomes a close friend, too? 🙂

Rediscovering: New cozy little corners of our home to read and blog in.

Blogging in our guest room 🙂

Shopping at: ThredUP!!! // I’ve heard about ThredUP (the largest online consignment store) again and again, but never actually visited the site. I’m so glad I finally did! They sell almost-new clothing from all my favorite stores at low prices! I ordered a few items for spring and summer, and I can’t wait for their signature polka dot box to arrive on my doorstep! 🙂

Anticipating: Planting season making things really busy around here!!! Also, the book release of “Wild and Free” by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. // I definitely pre-ordered this one. It’s “for the woman who believes she’s both too much and never enough.”

Quotes from Chapters 1 and 2:

The point is that no matter where our gaze is right now, we’re trapped by expectation and it seems like we’re destined to fail. Our eyes dart about from habitat to habitat, wondering what is wrong with us and looking for ways we can become more like the perfect woman, whoever she is. But there is a way back. There is a way home. In our lifetimes, we probably won’t return to the Garden of Eden to all live there peacefully together, but by looking closer at our good God, we can drown out the noise and hear a little more clearly.  – Jess, Chapter 1

God has made women as incredibly varied and individual beings. There are so many beautiful facets to a woman, and I see that in the lives of the women I do everyday life with. But, here is one thing I believe to be true of most women. Women are living defensively, all bound up by their own fears and self- imposed limitations. When we feel like we’re not enough, we try to puff ourselves up and get big. It’s easy in a world that says “Do big things!” to feel like you don’t measure up. On the other hand, when we feel like we’re way too much, it can be tempting to get low, even if it’s with a self-serving false humility. These are two sides of the same coin, and I feel both too much and never enough all the time. – Hayley, Chapter 2

Wearing: Sweatpants! (Not gonna lie!) But dreaming about summer style. // Since I can’t wear sweatpants to work, I go with an easy neutral wardrobe. I’ve been loving my Brass Essential Tees. I’ve loved Brass Clothing since the start – I own 3 of their dresses (the gray tank maxi is my FAVORITE) and I’m a bit obsessed.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Elise Photography
Photo courtesy of Hannah Elise Photography

Wishing: I could do a better-looking messy top knot! // I know that “messy” is the point, and not making it look “better,” but I really struggle with messy buns. Any tips?

Eating: New yummy recipes I’ve found on Pinterest! // Our recent favorites? This Thai Red Curry (oh my word, is this yummy!), Salmon & Asparagus in Foil, Greek Quinoa Bowls, and Strawberry “Cream” Steel Cut Overnight Oats.

Looking forward to: Seeing James Taylor live in May! Also, my dear friend Jordan (whose writing presence has blessed this blog here, here, and here!) visiting with her precious daughter.

Relishing: Farm chores. // There’s something so therapeutic about spending time caring for animals, especially in a hobby farm type of setting. Our 31 chickens are doing well, and I always love spending time with the horses! I’m not the biggest cat person, but they’re soft and friendly, too. 🙂




What have you been up to lately??



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