My Current Favorite Low-Key Music Playlist


I shared a Spotify playlist of my favorite low-key music back in December 2015, over a year ago! Since it’s been a while, I wanted to share my current favorite Spotify playlist. I have to be honest, all of the same low-key songs from my other playlist post are in there still! However, over time I’ve collected even more songs.

A little background:

I love music. I pretty much listen to it constantly (although right now, I’ve got Coffitivity on as background noise as I write this post). It’s like my soul needs it. I crave it, I lean on it, and of course, I’m inspired by it! 

Bjorn and I try to get to work around 7:15 or 7:20 in the morning each day, and I immediately turn on my peaceful music as soon as I unlock my classroom door and flip on the light. It’s remarkable how significantly music can affect me — it forces me to automatically take a deep, slow breath. It helps me to get my thoughts together in how I’ll approach the day.

In the evenings, you’ll find me curled up in bed either on my phone or reading a book, with my mostly-acoustic Spotify playlist on in the background. My evening feels complete when I’ve got my peaceful music on and a mug of tea nearby. It just helps me to relax.

My Current Favorite Low-Key Music Playlist

Having peaceful, beautiful music really helps me to start and end my days well. I can get anxious sometimes and this is one (free and simple!) way that I can combat any nerves or negative emotions.

I’m sharing my updated Low-Key Bee Spotify playlist with you today! So, friends, pretend I’ve burned a CD just for you! 🙂

My hope is that this playlist will help you start your days with peace, or end your evenings with quiet relaxation. I love this kind of music, and I think you will, too! Enjoy! 🙂

Low-Key Bee Spotify Playlist

What songs would you add to this playlist? What are your favorite peaceful tunes?

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