Cozy Fall Favorites


I always LOVE seeing seasonal style or decor inspiration on others’ blogs! With fall in full swing right now, I’m cozied up with a few of my favorite things. I wanted to share with you today some items that I am currently loving!! 

Amazon links included here are affiliate links. As always, I am sharing links to products that I either use and love or am inspired by!

Do you own or use any of these products? My hope is that if not, I can inspire you a bit today to have just this-much of a cozier, happier autumn! 🙂 

Descriptions of the products and why I love them are below the collage!

My Current Cozy Fall Favorites:


1 // Kava Stress Relief Yogi Herbal Tea. I started drinking this stuff last school year and it is amazing! If you’re not a tea person, it may not be your style – it has a unique, almost lemon-grassy taste to it. But if you are a tea gal like me, I highly recommend it! It is that perfect, relaxing tea to drink in the evening, and doesn’t even need a spoonful of sugar. 🙂

2 // These brown boots. I am a HUGE fan of boots in the fall (and winter, and spring, and even summer if I can pull it off…). 🙂 I wear them with practically everything! They just work so well for Minnesota winters. One of my favorite teaching outfits is wearing boots with a dress and a scarf. I’d been waiting a while to get a new pair of brown boots, since the pair I used before this were quite slick on the bottom! Ha. I turn to Herberger’s when I need a great pair of boots that’ll be my workhorses for quite some time. This is the exact pair I have and they turned out to be so wonderful! 

3 // Our dual control electric blanket. Oh, goodness, I love this thing! It’s a little hard to not run upstairs and start relaxing under the electric blanket the second I get home from work!! Bjorn can attest to the fact that I get practically giddy when “electric blanket season” starts around here. We used to have a full-sized electric blanket on our queen size bed, which got a little annoying with all of the tugging and re-making of the bed that inevitably happens. So, I finally retired that smaller blanket to the full size guest bed and this time bought a larger electric blanket! It is amazing! The dual controls are very much so a necessity because Bjorn runs hot and I run cold; there’s no sense in cooking my husband just to get myself warm. 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend this blanket – it makes all the difference for that added comfort in the winter months.

4 //My Clinique lip color. I used to wear a brighter, pinker color, thinking that with my fair skin, that’s basically what I could use. I was wrong! This color is has a richer, reddish hue and it is the perfect shade for fall! You’ll notice from my photos on things like Instagram that it doesn’t seem I wear much lip color – and in honesty, I don’t like to look like I have a lot of makeup on… but, you may not know that I actually wear this color every day when teaching! A touch of this color helps me to feel much more professional and presentable. 🙂 It is actually my year-round color. 

5 // My daily body moisturizer. This is one of my very favorite things from Rodan + Fields!!! And believe me, it’s already hard to choose favorite products when it comes to this company! I love this moisturizer – it is perfect for dealing with drier skin during the cooler months. It has that perfect, light, fresh scent and goes on so nicely! It has already been a lifesaver this fall. I know I’ll be slathering this on all winter (ahem, all year) long! PS – I am a consultant for Rodan + Fields and you know I will only recommend products I love. If you have any more R+F questions, feel free to email me! 

6 // The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. This has been quite the book and it definitely led me on a thoughtful journey. Frankly, all of Francine Rivers’ books are that way for me – in the best way possible! She writes in such a way that really draws the reader in, intertwining the plot line tightly around your heart! This book addresses a heart-wrenching topic and it really got me thinking – all the while enjoying the story and characters woven throughout! 

7 // Vitafusion Relaxed Mood Gummies. These are awesome. I have found that Vitafusion gummies taste amazing (I also take their Hair, Skin & Nails and Beauty Sleep Melatonin gummies). It’s a looong story but after the stresses of last school year, I was bound and determined to approach this year as proactively against stress and anxiety as possible. These gummies were one of the things I invested in to start this year off right, and they’ve turned out to be one of my favorite things!

8 // This snuggly “Be Brave” sweatshirt from Blair Lamb Design. I love this thing! Blair is a blogger (at Blair Blogs) and also runs an Etsy shop with great tees and sweatshirts. I love all of her thoughtful phrasing and design and I knew I just had to have the “Be Brave” sweatshirt. I put it on immediately when it arrived in the mail and pretty much wear it all the time when I’m not at work! Definitely go check out Blair’s shop and look for your own cozy, sweet shirt!

Do you have or use any of these items? What are a few of your favorite things this fall??




  1. Aw, thank you for the shoutout, Hannah! I love this post! I’ll have to try that tea! 🙂

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