Confidently Clean with the cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush (+ a $40 off discount!!)

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One of my favorite things is when a company that I already like and trust comes out with a new product! Since I already know their mission and approach, it makes me that much more eager to see what their new product is all about!

This recently happened regarding the company Smile Brilliant. You may remember, I shared about their teeth whitening system back in May (such a workable system with professional results – and convenient, too!). So, I’ve been a big fan of Smile Brilliant for a while – ever since starting to use their whitening system last winter.

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The company recently came out with a beautiful new toothbrush as well! It’s an ultrasonic electric toothbrush with some great features. Bjorn and I have been using our new toothbrushes for a while now and we’ve been both pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with them!

A few notes about the toothbrushes, before we get into a special discount code! 🙂

Bjorn and I have switched back and forth between purchasing manual and electric toothbrushes throughout our marriage. We’re fine with both (although I prefer electric), but we never really settled on a style or brand that we loved. And the electric toothbrushes I’d pick up for us were always the cheap ones that wear out quickly…and we never really knew if we were truly doing a good job cleaning our teeth! But after using these electronic toothbrushes for a while, we are big fans and we can tell there’s such a difference from how we used to brush! After all, it’s hard to beat the cariPRO’s 40,000 vibrations per minute!

The toothbrushes have some really useful settings. First of all, the general “Clean” setting ensures that you are brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minute total! My favorite part of this setting? The fact that it doesn’t just switch the toothbrush on for 2 minutes straight; it divides the time into 4 separate 30-second stretches, and gives you a very distinct pause to tell you to switch to a different quadrant of your mouth. Honestly, I’ve never thought that intentionally about covering each quadrant of my mouth, so this has been a wonderful reminder to me to brush more thoroughly. And if I’m all about being intentional in home routines and in life, then I really ought to be intentional in my oral hygiene as well!

I hate to admit it, but we’ve kind of been in the 30-second toothbrushing camp around here, haha. I guess we’re always in a rush to get out the door, or in a hurry to begin the evening’s relaxing! So it was definitely a change of pace for us to switch on our toothbrushes and let the toothbrushes dictate how long we were cleaning our teeth! (And that’s a good thing.)

There are other settings besides “Clean,” as you can see listed on the toothbrush handle. The other settings cover things like gum care and a more sensitive mode as well. I like a toothbrush with the flexibility to address various needs! And extra toothbrush heads are included, so it’ll be easy to replace the head when the time comes.

The wireless charging dock is another great feature. We have our charging docks set up in the bathroom so we’re always ready to charge, but… we’ve found that our toothbrushes last quite a long time (at least multiple days) without needing to be charged again! When I visit my parents for the weekend, I’m tempted to leave my charger at home – that’s how well the toothbrush holds its charge!

Bjorn and I were talking about it again the other night – we really appreciate the added assurance these cariPRO toothbrushes give us. We’re now much more confident that our teeth are being cleaned properly, and we’ve noticed that our teeth feel truly cleaner!

Smile Brilliant allows you to use an ultrasonic toothbrush for a fraction of the cost of other ultrasonic brands, plus there’s a 60-day money back guarantee involved. It’s an all-around wonderful investment!

$40 Off Promo Code!

I’m thrilled to announce that Smile Brilliant is offering a very generous promo code for all of Just Bee’s readers! (They’ve told me it’s the deepest discount they’ve offered, so this is special.)

You can get a whole $40 off cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes with the code: justbee40off

Happy shopping, friends! I know you’ll enjoy the cariPRO toothbrush as much as we have! Get ready to join Smile Brilliant in the quest to #smilefearlessly!

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