How to Clean Your Bathroom in Just 10 Minutes (+ a Printable Checklist!)


I know today’s post topic isn’t altogether glamorous…but hey! This is real life and it sure is important! 😉

Let’s Talk Bathroom Cleaning!

Thank you to those of you who weighed in on Just Bee’s topics in my most recent reader survey. I took each and every one of your comments and insights to heart, and I’m pleased to say that an overwhelming majority of you voted “yes” on continued and increased homemaking posts! 

Personally, I’m thrilled because keeping a home (and organizing and cleaning) are things I am passionate about. I mean, you have to be excited about homemaking to feel actually excited posting about cleaning a bathroom. 😉 Yes, I do work a full-time job, but I believe that doesn’t stop me from caring for my home and enjoying it, too.

I absolutely love homemaking and I’m always a fan of finding and sharing solutions and tips.

One of the things I’ve really had to master once I started living on my own (and now, living with my husband) was a housekeeping and cleaning schedule. Much of cleaning a house has to do with building up HABITS of cleanliness.

I make sure to clean the bathroom at least once a week, typically on weekends, though I especially like it when I can get to it the night before trash day (making clean-up so much more instant and timely!).

Today I’m sharing my tips for conquering your bathroom in just 10 minutes! I’ve worked it out so that it’s a specific order of tasks that allows you to be most efficient. These are the exact steps I follow.

I am also including a FREE printable bathroom cleaning checklist. I hope it helps you as you work out your own cleaning routines! Keep on reading to get to the downloadable checklist!

** Does the idea of cleaning the bathroom just bore you out of your mind?? Consider blasting some of your favorite upbeat music while you clean (it works wonders!). Or, maybe pop on a Netflix show on your laptop nearby. I find if I distract myself a bit, the actual “drudgery” feel of cleaning melts away.

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How to Clean Your Bathroom in 10 Minutes:

When I prep to clean the bathroom, I always grab a small plastic grocery bag and hang it on the door handle. That way, I’ve got a nearby trash bag where I can pop the dirty paper towels. There’s no sense in adding more mess to the bathroom by throwing paper towels away in the bathroom.


  • a plastic grocery bag
  • a roll of paper towels (I have a specific roll – NOT the roll in the kitchen – designated for cleaning tasks)
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • toilet bowl brush within easy reach
  • foaming bathroom/shower cleaner or Comet powder
  • all-purpose cleaning spray
  • glass cleaning spray
  • Swiffer mop
  • box of Swiffer wet mopping cloths
  • 1-2 fresh rolls of toilet paper

^^ I set the above items either on the floor of the bathroom or right outside the bathroom. ^^

Hang a plastic grocery bag on the door handle. You will be using this to put used paper towels in, so you can get rid of your cleaning trash in one fell swoop later on.

Start with toilet bowl cleaner. It’s the best bet to start with anything that needs to soak for a few minutes. You’ll come back to scrub that soon.

Then while that sits, spray foaming bathroom cleaner (or sprinkle Comet) in the sink and tub/shower. Although now days I’m really liking a foaming cleaner I found, I also like Comet because it is so cheap and it works quite well (especially to restore those sparkling faucet heads and handles).

Clean the mirror and all bathroom counters or shelves. I look for soap scum underneath and on the soap bottle, too. 

Now, clean the bathroom sink and the shower/tub. Don’t forget the faucet heads and handles!

Wipe down the bathroom floor. My favorite thing ever (that really works well in this current rental house) is a Swiffer Sweeper, with wet cloths. After I clean the floor, I always capture whatever dirt or dust bunnies are left with a paper towel.

Wipe baseboards. Ah, baseboards…pretty much my biggest annoyance. They look so dirty so quickly when dust collects on them, but the good news is, a couple quick wipe-downs and they look sparkly clean again!

Wipe down any vertical surfaces. What? Yep, the vertical surfaces. You already took care of shelves and other horizontal surfaces, but dust and soap scum, etc. can still collect on vertical surfaces. Take a look at the doors to cabinets, splatters on walls or doors, etc. You’ll be surprised at how productive a quick wipe-down or dusting of vertical surfaces can be.

Come back to the toilet. Scrub and flush it, then use all-purpose cleaner on all toilet surfaces!

Restock toilet paper, check soap level, and check tissue box. I like to leave an extra roll or two of toilet paper out in the bathroom, stacked nicely above the toilet. I’m also one of those people who likes to have a box of tissues in the bathroom as well.

Finally, replace the bathroom hand towel with a fresh towel. Another added fresh touch is a lemon or elegant-looking bathroom spray, and a clear glass jar of cotton swabs.

Free Printable Bathroom Cleaning Checklist:

Now here’s your chance to make this routine your own! I created a bathroom cleaning checklist just for you, that you can download and print for FREE! 🙂 It’s available to all my email subscribers — all you have to do is sign up HERE or below!

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You’re all done! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my cleaning routine, whether it actually helped you out or was just interesting. Adult life is fun, isn’t it? 😉 I love reading and hearing about others’ routines – what are some of your cleaning routines?


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