Christmas Gift Guide for the Homebody

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Since I always enjoy reading other people’s gift guides, I wanted to share a couple gift guides of my own with you! The other day, I shared a gift guide for the littles on your list – specifically, a gift guide for babies under age one!

Today, I’m focusing on the homebody – anyone in your life, adult or teen, who just loves cozying up at home and spending some quality time either introverting or relaxing around the house.

I’m especially excited about this gift guide, because I’m such a homebody! As I was pulling this post together, it felt like I was just shopping for myself! 😉 (A lot of these items, I already have, but the rest of them are things I know I’d love to receive!)

These gift ideas cover a wide array of prices, so whatever your budget, there’s bound to be something here that the homebody on your list will love! Happy shopping!

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Gift Guide for the Homebody:


Super Soft Fleece Sherpa Throw Blanket. // I recently purchased this one in a holiday pattern (the reindeer pattern), and it’s already a new favorite around here! It’s the perfect size to cuddle up with on the couch (or, let’s be real – play “blanket fort” with our one-year-old!), and it’s so warm and cozy! You can always take the blanket in to have it embroidered or personalized, too! (A coworker did that as a Christmas gift for me a couple years ago and we still love that blanket so much!) I don’t really think you can have too many blankets around, either. They’re perfect for pulling out for a movie night or for reading by the Christmas tree!

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines. // I LOVE Joanna Gaines! This book just came out this month! I snagged it for myself because she’s the kind of person I totally trust with her home decorating advice! As she states in the book, everything in it is what she has learned along the way – not through formal schooling, but through her life experience. I love how honest and practical she always is. This book is large, hardcover, and would make a perfect gift as a coffee table book or for someone who loves decorating (or wants some fresh inspiration and tips!). PS – in case you’re not sure about it because of her specific style, know that this book is actually about creating a space that reflects the personalities of the people who live in your home – it’s not just about mimicking Joanna’s style, if that helps.

Homesick Candle. // I think these are such a cool idea! The Homesick brand’s goal was to capture what makes each state unique. If you know someone on your list this year is far from home, or a bit homesick for their home state, then this is such a thoughtful gift idea! They even have Homesick candles for places like France or the United Kingdom, and even memories candles with scents like Grandma’s Kitchen or Summer Camp!! So neat. Don’t you totally want to smell all of these, too? 🙂

Dream Cream. // This is an awesome thick lotion that a friend of mine told me about. I love using it so much! (I use it to give my dry hands some relief, but it can be a body lotion, too!) It’s gentle and super moisturizing. The ingredients include things like oat milk, lavender, cocoa butter, and chamomile – pretty much all of nature’s ingredients for soothing skin! What a great gift for your loved one to use during the winter season!

OttLite Wellness Series Lamp. // I love my OttLite lamp!! I have this one, and it’s amazing how natural the lighting feels! Their Wellness Series reduces eye strain by up to 51%. It’s a healthier way to see, and any of their Wellness Series lamps (desk lamp or floor lamp!) would be a wonderful gift.

Wooden Turntable Entertainment Center. // We bought ours almost 5 years ago with wedding money, and boy, has it been worth it! Ours is in the living room and we use it every day, whether we’re listening to records or CDs. It’s also a radio. I LOVE how vintage it looks – yet it has all kinds of modern capabilities! If the homebody on your list doesn’t have an entertainment system like this, I’d really recommend it as a gift idea!

YETI Tumbler. // I have the tumbler pictured above. It keeps water so cold – it’s wonderful! And lately my husband has been using a YETI to bring his coffee to work. YETI tumblers are always a great gift.

Stone Coaster Set. // I feel like coasters are one of those things that are always disappearing! 🙂 This set is made from absorbent stone and they have cork on the bottom to keep them from sliding around as much.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker. // The best gift for someone who loves music and who also likes to spend time at home! This speaker is under $30 and it has a 66-foot Bluetooth range!

Erin Condren Notebook. // I LOVE these notebooks!! (The above photo is only a couple of the many customizable designs!) I’ve never found notebooks before that had such high-quality paper in them! I use an Erin Condren notebook for my to-do list every day. Even the fine-tip markers I love using don’t bleed through the pages. And these coil notebooks are all just so beautiful. There are tons of patterns to choose from, two different notebook sizes, and countless ways to customize them with personalization and coils, all the way down to the colors of your design. (And you can even buy notebook covers separately because the covers are interchangeable!) I feel like this is the perfect gift idea for just about anyone!! With this link, you will get a $10 coupon for your first purchase once you set up an account!!

Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate and Flavor Syrups. // Since we don’t live near a Starbucks, I rely on the cartons of Tazo Chai concentrate during the winter for my warm drinks! (I like to buy the decaf chai.) Add a couple flavor syrup options (like this Vanilla Syrup), and you’ve got a mini coffeeshop in your own home! 🙂

A set of cozy winter Hearth + Hand mugs. // I purchased the set of two of these mugs as part of our Christmas decorations this year, and I can already see that they’ll be favorites of ours in future years! The pine tree pattern on the stoneware makes them perfect for winter, but they’re still great for any season because they aren’t too Christmas-y. Pair them with some Hot Cocoa Mix Packets for extra fun!

Bubble Up Ceramic Soap Dispenser & Dish Brush. // This is a neat little set. The dish brush sits on a spring so you can really work up a lather of bubbles in the little dish!

1 Canoe 2 Calendar. // I have the Land & Sky wall calendar for 2018 as well as 2019, hanging on the wall in our kitchen. I LOVE 1 Canoe 2’s calendars so much! There’s just something about their clean, thoughtful design and stunning paintings that works so well for me. Even if the homebody on your list likes using their phone calendar, I don’t think it can hurt to have a beautiful Land & Sky calendar to hang on the wall as well!

Letter Board. // Letter boards are so popular now days…and a lot of fun, too! I used ours for Sophie’s monthly update photos for her first year, which was so cute! These make great gift ideas because they’re totally customizable home decor!

Are you a homebody, too? What would you add to this list??

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