Christmas Gift Guide for Babies Under One

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It still surprises me to look at the calendar and see that we’re over halfway through November already! Can you believe it? Christmas shopping season is really upon us!

Since I always enjoy reading others’ online gift guides, I wanted to share a gift guide of my own with you today! Today I’m talking about some of our favorite baby products! These are all things that Sophie loves, or that we’ve been glad we had on hand and we love. 🙂  I hope this list inspires you in your own holiday shopping – maybe you’ll find something in this collection that’ll be the perfect fit for a little one you know!

Since our daughter only recently turned one, I’m sticking to recommendations I have for babies age one and under. These gift ideas cover a wide array of prices, as well – so, whatever your budget, there’s bound to be something here that you may like!

Some links below are affiliate links. As always, I only share products and brands with you that I truly like. Thanks for supporting Just Bee and helping me keep this site up and running!

Christmas Gift Guide for Babies Under One

Chunk Lift-a-Flap Board Books by Ginger Swift. $7.99 each // These are AWESOME. Sophie has one called “Little Red Barn” which is a big favorite around here…and for her birthday, she was given “Little Yellow Bee,” which we also love so much! The pages are very thick and even the flaps are very thick, making it easier for a little one to manipulate, and they don’t tear as easily! The rhymes are cute and the pictures are darling. These books are super affordable, and I’d even recommend grabbing the whole set of four! Perfect for any little one!

Old MacDonald’s Farm: Poke-A-Dot Book. // Sophie got this one for her birthday as well! It’s so fun! It took her a little while to learn she could poke all of the dots herself, but now she pulls it out and loves poking each one. I compare it to popping the bubbles on bubble wrap – and it helps little ones practice concrete ways of counting! 🙂

The Jesus Storybook Bible. // We love this Bible! Sally Lloyd-Jones has a beautiful, poetic way of writing, and has one of the best expressions of the gospel message that I’ve seen. Like the cover says, she truly makes sure every story in this children’s Bible “whispers His name.” It’s even a beautiful version for an adult to have in their collection. It’s that good!

Baby’s First Photo Album. // I bought this for Sophie since she interacts with so many family members and friends, and I wanted her to be able to talk about them and recognize them even when she’s not with them. 🙂 It’s rather simple, but has great little plastic sleeves (durable ones) for you to slip photos in. This specific photo album has room for 15 4×6 photos. I love it because it has a soft cover so Sophie can play with it basically without supervision! It also has a mirror on the very last page, which is a cute addition to the album. 🙂

Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup. // We LOVE these cups! Sophie has both the larger size with no handles, and a couple smaller ones with the handles. The smooth cup without handles is still a little difficult for her to grip, so I prefer giving her a cup with handles at this stage. These cups are great because you can hold them upside down and they won’t spill! The special 360 no-spill rim works by releasing liquid wherever the baby “gums down” on it or even does a strong sucking motion. Granted, the cups will leak a little if your child hypothetically throws them down hard onto the ground from the high chair 😉 but they are still my favorite cup ever! These are the perfect gift for any little one! Sophie uses hers to drink both water and her whole milk at this point.

Grabease First Self Feeding Utensil Set. // These are so great. The fork and spoon set are BPA free and have a little built-in choke guard so your little one can safely feed themselves. They’re short and perfectly sized for little hands, and they encourage your child to hold utensils correctly with a natural hand grasp motion. They’re recommended by occupational therapists for children’s finger strength development. Such a cute gift! And boy, are they darling in action. Sophie gets the cutest proud little smile on her face when she’s scooping up her oatmeal herself!

WubbaNub. // Sophie’s two WubbaNubs are some of her most prized possessions! 🙂 Her giraffe one is kept upstairs for naptimes and bedtime, and we keep a fox WubbaNub in the truck for car trips. You can choose from so, so many different animals – it’s a perfect gift idea because you can pick an animal or creature that fits the personality of the little one and their family! 🙂

Aubrey Gianna’s Boutique Bows and Head Wraps. // I came across this Etsy shop a long time ago and it’s been my favorite ever since! I love cute little nylon head wraps and bows, but I don’t want to pay something like $10 for each of them. These headbands are around $5 each, but I’ve even snagged a couple for Sophie at even lower prices during sales! My personal favorite style for Sophie is the wide nylon head wrap. They’re comfortable for her and oh-so-cute…and right now, are listed at $3.49 each!! There are so many patterns and colors to choose from, too!

Happy Trails Rocking Horse. // My parents got this horsey for Sophie for her first birthday! She loves it so so much, and I know she’ll be playing with it for years!

Tree Top Activity Center. // This was a baby shower gift, and has become one of our favorite things in the living room! It’s been fun on playdates, too, because multiple little ones can sit or stand around it to play on the different sides. It’s quite sturdy and super cute, since the whole theme is a tree top with different creatures and parts to manipulate.

“Ginger” – Gund Teddy Bear. // Sophie sure loves her teddy bear Ginger! 🙂 This bear is so darling, happy-looking, and soft – perfect to cuddle with!

Silicone Pocket Bibs. // These bibs have been more and more appreciated as Sophie has gotten older, since she’s eating more things like cereal puffs and pieces of cheese. This way, a lot of what she drops goes right into the pocket of the bib instead of in her lap! These bibs would be great for a little one who’s nearing 6 months or who’s even a year old and will be eating more “adult food” soon!

A Wooden Shape Puzzle or Wooden Heart Teether From Bannor Toys. // Sophie has this chunky shape puzzle and even though she’s still getting the hang of it, she loves playing with the various shapes and trying to match them into their cutouts! She also has a darling heart-shaped wooden teether that has been personalized with her given name – such a precious gift!

A Land of Mae Doll. // You may remember Sophie’s Land of Mae doll from this post (where you can learn a lot more about them), but these dolls are just gorgeous! They’re the perfect special gift for a little one on your list. Stacy is just the sweetest, and her dolls are such high-quality – a true heirloom. Follow her on Instagram and on Facebook to stay in the loop on when her dolls will be sold!

A Wooden Name Puzzle. // Bjorn and I gave this to Sophie for her first birthday and we love it so much! I picked this specific puzzle because I like that it teaches Sophie both uppercase and lowercase for her name, instead of all uppercase. A wooden name puzzle is a great way to go for a young child on your list. This specific puzzle may not arrive in time for Christmas for you, but I’d still really recommend you check out the “From Jennifer” Etsy shop!! She has such gorgeous, high-quality products!!

Plush Barn With Animals. // Sophie has a version of this with three farm animals (pig, horse, and cow) but this horse barn option with five horses is so fun!! The barn itself is soft, too – and I’d say this is a fun gift for any age from newborn on!

A Custom Wood Book Box. // I wrote all about this in this post if you want to learn even more! If you order by December 7th, you can score a beautiful custom book box in time for Christmas! Amity Belle is offering you a whole 20% off any item in her shop with the code JUSTBEE20 🙂