Our Chicks: 3 Weeks Old


Our 30 baby chicks are still doing well! They’re relatively used to us as we do daily life around the house, and we’re used to their cute cheeping coming from their box (now a cage) downstairs. They sure are cute, although sadly they’ll be transitioning into that awkward, less attractive phase soon. 🙂


So, a few days ago I grabbed a couple of them and forced them to do another ultra-fun photo shoot with me…which may or may not happen again due to the amount of squawking, flapping(!!), and general rude behaviors. You can tell that the chick in the picture above didn’t think it was as funny to be posing in an egg carton as I thought it was! 😉


It’s crazy to think that they’ll be out on the farm before too long! They’re lankier, stronger, and more curious now. Baby animals, no matter the kind, are so special because they’re only little and new like that for a short time. I try to soak in these small joys as much as I can. (Click here to see what they looked like at first!)












    1. Thanks, friend! They are cute! I think my husband said they’ll take about 6 months to actually start laying eggs…so this is the “investment” and nurturing phase 🙂

    1. Thanks, friend! I’m trying to remember to take more pictures of rural life – I forget sometimes that it’s interesting and fun for others to see, too! 🙂 And yes, their colors will be so fun!

  1. 🙂 They sure are precious!! To be honest, I think my husband may choose to eat some… 🙁 So I’ve decided as soon as we know who’s a girl and who’s a boy chicken…I’ll just bond with the females, who will be laying the eggs! 🙂 They are so great.

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