Capturing the Light – A Wintry Afternoon

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Hi friends!

Waking up today to windchill temps of -30 degrees (yes, there’s a negative in front of that 30…), I feel I can’t share anything NOT winter related here on the blog! 😉

Yesterday I was bringing some bags in from the car and needed to take a couple trips back and forth from the house (something I usually try to avoid!)…and I nearly froze my hands! I was honestly worried about legitimate frostbite for a couple minutes there! I eventually thawed them out a bit once I started doing the dishes. Windchill advisories and subzero temps are crazy stuff – nothing to mess around with!

I mentioned in this recent post that I’m working more on my photography now days and trying to capture light more authentically. I’m a bit obsessed with light lately, especially dreamy morning or afternoon light in our cozy home.

So, instead of focusing on the cold outside, let’s focus on the warmth and coziness we can wrap ourselves up in indoors. 🙂

Something I’ve really liked about the fact that we’re currently renting is that I’m learning what I want and don’t want in our future home someday! A clawfoot tub? Probably not. They’re GORGEOUS but super hard to clean around. But lace curtains? Most definitely! They add such a special airy elegance to a room.

Bjorn and I had the blessing of a slower weekend last weekend – smack dab in the middle of a crazy busy season – and it was the perfect slice of time away from all the craziness to rent a couple movies, make hot cocoa, and cuddle up by the twinkling tree lights. These slower moments are something I live for. God has taught me so much these past few years about slowing down and really savoring time.

^^ Do you ever take a photo and then realize it’s your new favorite photo ever?? Well, this one definitely tops my list. It just captures so much of what I love about our room and the coziness of sleepy Saturdays with my man. ^^

I’ll continue to focus on capturing the light in my photography and I hope to share more here – it’s a daily fun facet of photography/art to watch for!

What are your favorite cozy corners of your home?


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