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I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve got a serious case of digital hoarding. And I’ve also got that slightly sinking feeling that I’ve got to do something about it because it’ll only get worse over the years! I’ve got more photos saved on my computer than I probably know what to do with – and let’s not even mention my (beloved!) Pinterest boards! 😉 It’s a common issue in today’s world – all kinds of information is hurtling at us like water from a fire hydrant, and we’re given so many tools to capture and save and share – and HOARD – it all! Let’s move on to the topic of combatting the problem. We don’t want to spend time taking pictures of everyday moments, only to lose the good ones amidst hundreds of other photos, right?

I was recently inspired by a couple friends of mine to give Chatbooks a try. This site can make custom photo books for you, using your Instagram snapshots! One of their popular options is actually a $6 a book, free shipping subscription, where they automatically print and ship a new 60-page Chatbook to you every time you reach another 60 pictures. Now, if you’re a fellow capture-daily-life enthusiast like me, this sounds heavenly! (And if you’re still a bit…I cringe to say it, but “controlling” like me, then you’ll be happy to know that they e-mail you a few days before they print each new book so that you can go in and actually tweak the pics and captions you want to include. And you can cancel your subscription any time.)

These beautiful, thin white books, with their clean lines and ultra-organized spine labels, add a special conversation-starting touch to your home!

So, I jumped in and started with the Instagram Series subscription option. I will definitely be sharing with you when these cute books arrive and give you a peek at what they look like…but in the meantime, if you’re already convinced you’d like to give it a shot, then I wanted to offer my referral code for a free first book for you!!


I am especially excited about the Instagram Series option because I get so much enjoyment out of the whole “micro-blogging” feel of Instagram! I love the fact that we can just go along in our daily lives, snapping little happy photos here and there, and adding a heartfelt caption from that moment. Now, that is a true type of diary in this digital world! (That’s why I’m keeping 90% of my Instagram captions in my printed-out Chatbooks – I want to maintain that unscripted sense of honesty so that we can flip through these books someday and re-experience the emotions of that moment.)

And having something actually printed out, weighing heavy and beautiful and real in your hand…ah, yes. That is a good feeling!

How do you manage the digital clutter in your own life? Do you organize, print out, or otherwise save images in a special way? I’d love to hear! (And I’d love to hear if you end up giving Chatbooks a try!)


* I was not compensated for or otherwise asked to write this post – I am seriously just really excited about Chatbooks and, in the spirit of being a friend just sitting across the table from you in real life, I had to share!! 🙂

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  1. This sounds like fun! I started a Project Life book for 2015, and I am really loving documenting our life through pictures that way. Plus, it’s awesome to print out pictures instead of keeping them all on the computer!

    1. What a neat idea, Amanda! Documenting life is such an important, fun task 🙂 I totally agree – I really hope to spend time printing out pictures this summer so we have more around!

    2. What a neat idea, Amanda! Documenting life is such an important, fun task 🙂 I totally agree – I really hope to spend time printing out pictures this summer so we have more around!

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