A St. Paul Sunset Walk



Hi friends, and happy Monday! (I understand that not all Mondays feel happy, but let’s collectively go into this week with a sense of purpose and choosing joy!) I’m thrilled that this post is the first one on Just Bee’s new blog design! The new look is just the perfect fresh, clean-cut design that this space needed. 🙂 Hope you like it and that you find the site easier to navigate. A number of favorite past posts are now organized right here – check it out!

We had a fun, social weekend here in Minnesota, which was a nice change from our usual homebody habits. 🙂 Bjorn and I headed up to the Twin Cities for a couple of days. Friday night, we got to double date with our friends Sam and Amy – we get such joy out of meeting up with them. It’s always nice to catch up with college friends and share updates and celebrations…and stay until we’re the last ones in the restaurant. 🙂


We continued with the theme of double dating on Saturday and took my parents out for a fancy Russian supper at Moscow on the Hill in St. Paul. Bjorn and I went there a couple (few?) years ago for Valentine’s Day and loved it, so this year for Christmas we gave my parents a “coupon” for a meal together there!

We opted for an earlier supper (early to bed, early to rise – am I right?) so the sun was just about setting when we stepped out of the restaurant after our (fabulous) meal. That’s the golden hour for photographers, so of course the shutter-snapping part of my soul did gleeful little cartwheels and I grabbed my trusty Canon “Pachelbel.”

We wandered around St. Paul and Summit Ave. and the Basilica for a while. It was an absolutely beautiful spring evening, with just a hint of chill in the air. St. Paul is a beautiful city! We were lucky to have that golden hour to explore and walk off a great meal.









Where did you go exploring this weekend? Did you discover a place you’ll definitely have to return to?



  1. I always like to greet people with Happy Monday. 🙂 Even though it doesn’t always feel happy, it doesn’t mean that we can’t try to start it off that way.

    Looks like fun! St. Paul is so beautiful! It has an older feel to it than Minneapolis, which I really love. I don’t get to St. Paul as much as I should, considering I love it so much. Now that the light rail goes over from Minneapolis I should go more often.

    Your new layout looks great!

    1. Aww, thank you Crystal! I’m excited about the new layout 🙂

      I love your point about starting off with Happy Monday! We can always try to start the week off that way, because it sets a good tone for the coming days! And I don’t get to St. Paul often anymore either (although I attended college at Bethel nearby) – I love that older feel too!

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