A Peek Inside My Diaper Bag: A Guest Post

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Today’s post is a special treat, written by my dear friend Jordan! If you’ve been around the blog for a while, then you’ve seen other posts she has shared here at Just Bee. Jordan has also written about creating a baby registryhope for midnight mamas, and her once a month meal planning strategy. Today she’s sharing about what she keeps in her diaper bag – I can’t wait to implement her advice and tips for my own diaper bag this fall!

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A Peek Inside My Diaper Bag

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but I think one of the best perks of friendship (and the internet) is the ability to be shamelessly nosy. I LOVE to learn how other moms do things – from organizing meals to organizing bags. So, I hope you’ll enjoy taking a peek inside my diaper bag!

You’ll notice that I’m a fan of zippered pouches. I don’t like having little items floating around my bag – it’s too difficult to find what I need in a pinch. My favorites are from Vera Bradley, but even a dollar store pencil pouch does the job.

I currently have an almost 2-year-old daughter, and we are expecting a second little one this winter. With this in mind, I’ve been revamping my bag to accommodate two little goobers. This is my “everyday” bag. If we’re spending the night at grandma’s, things get a little more intense, and I definitely have times when I’m in the “throw a diaper in my purse and pray” crowd. All that said, let’s get looking!

The Bag – Hip Cub Diaper Bag 

I found my diaper bag on Amazon Prime Day – I love a good deal! It features both handles and a cross-body strap, which will be helpful when juggling an infant car seat and a toddler. It has plenty of zipper and open pouches to keep things organized, and I particularly like the large outer pockets for easy “toss and go” items.

The Mama Pharmacy Pouch

This pouch contains a solid stash of princess Band Aids, lotion, hand sanitizer, pads, and my mini pouch of homeschool curriculum referral cards (incase my inner sales lady breaks out at the playground). I have also kept child-proof mini containers of ibuprofen and Tums, but if you do, it requires extra vigilance that the baby isn’t digging around in there – take no chances! I store this pouch vertically in the main compartment of my bag.

The Nursing Roll-Up

When I have an infant, I keep my homemade nursing poncho and a few burp cloths rolled up together next to the pharmacy pouch. If I’m going to bring a bottle of pumped milk, I usually bring it in a lunch box with an ice pack to keep everything safe until meal time. My lunch box has a buckle on it so I can clip it to the outside of the bag if I wish. Next to the nursing roll-up, I keep a rolled up receiving blanket for playing on the floor or an extra cozy layer.

Diaper Changing Gear

Here, I keep things very simple. I have a changing mat that came with the bag, which lives in the main compartment. For wipes, I like the Pampers wipes that come in a resealable pouch – I’ve found it’s easy to forget to refill hard plastic pouches. I keep two diapers in the bag at a time per child. The diapers and wipes are stored in open pouches within the bag, so they’re always handy. I’m also a diaper hoarder other places – a few in the car, a few at my mom’s house… always be prepared! I only have a tube of rash cream when needed. It’s nice to reduce weight anywhere you can.

The Oops! Pouch

A fact of newborn life is exploding diapers – at Easter at your in-laws, during a missionary commissioning service, at the mall – you never know! My “oops” pouch is a Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag, but a simple zip lock bag would work just fine. It contains a change of clothes for each child, a few plastic garbage bags, and an outfit for me. I’ve only had to use my backup outfit once, but, boy, was I glad to have it! When the inevitable happens, all garbage can get tossed in a plastic bag, and all soiled laundry can go in the wet bag until you get home. This pouch sits in the very bottom of my bag, because thankfully, I don’t have to access it super regularly.

The Purse Pouch

My bag has an zipper pocket in the main compartment that I use for my personal effects. There’s nothing glamorous here: my wallet, cell phone, pen, and tinted chapstick (I LOVE Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in the color “Rose”).

The Long Wait Pouch

In one of the outer pockets of my bag, I keep the long wait pouch, perfect for the DMV and doctor’s office. Mine contains finger puppets, paper, crayons, and stickers. Even with a newborn, things like finger puppets can be a huge help – we used ours as a distraction when she needed to get her vaccines.

The Daily Pouch

The other outer pocket of my bag is reserved for whatever is needed for any particular outing: socks for the indoor playground, sunblock & hat for the park, snack if we’ll be gone at 10am, or Play Dough if we’re going out to a restaurant. I only keep what I need, which reduces a lot of weight!

The Primp Pouch

Finally, in a little secret outer zipper pocket, I keep some items for primping. It’s amazing how a car seat can positively mangle a toddler’s hair, so I keep a hairbrush handy. This is also where I stash a mini pouch of tissues, and generally a few hair binders for myself.

And there you have it! Do you have any must-have diaper bag items I don’t include? I’d love to hear what’s in your bag too. Have a happy day!