A Peek At Our Nursery Progress!

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I’m so excited about today’s post, friends! You’ve seen little snapshots here and there of our nursery on Instagram, but today you’re going to get to see even more! The room is definitely not 100% done yet, but I feel we’ve made good progress and I’m thrilled with how it’s coming together so far.

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Selecting the Theme

Before we knew our baby’s gender, I was already daydreaming about the nursery. We have 3 bedrooms at our place, and I had my eye on the smallest one becoming a nursery. This smallest bedroom was actually our guest room for a long time (you can see what it looked like in this post) and I just loved how peaceful the room was.

This summer, we moved the full-size guest bed “next door” to our office/library room. So, that room now has multiple purposes…and I think it’ll function just fine as a guest room. Once I started really dismantling all the guest bedroom aspects of the other room, I started to get even more excited about the room’s blank canvas and potential for becoming a sweet little nursery.

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Earlier in this pregnancy, I had a secret Pinterest board for decorating a boy’s nursery and a separate one for a girl’s nursery. When we found out we were having a girl, I was able to go all out with my sweet feminine nursery plans! 🙂

I settled on a theme for our baby girl’s room that I absolutely love! I’m calling it a “Southern Garden Nursery” theme; basically, the color scheme involves whites and light blues and pinks, with accents of darker greens. I do mix some gray in there because I just absolutely love gray and white together!

As far as decor goes, I wanted little touches of the South. Bjorn and I absolutely love traveling in the South – we’re fascinated by the history, historic homes, and more. So, I wanted to add hints of that to our girl’s nursery by incorporating cotton stems, a magnolia wreath, little birds and rosy floral patterns. I’ve been really pleased with the overall feel so far!

I did also buy a teddy bear for our daughter early on…the bear is named Ginger and she has been an excellent model. 😉

Here’s what the mood board looks like!

I created a mood board on Canva (the site I use to create all of my blog’s graphics) and printed that out, so I had a clear, distinct vision for the room. I’m so glad I did this, because it has helped me to rein myself in and stick to the theme, rather than getting too excited while at Target and buying everything that looks cute! 🙂

Since we are renting this home, I did not paint the nursery walls or anything like that. Instead, I’m creating a space for our baby with the furnishings and decorations themselves. The house we live in was built around 1900 (fun fact: it’s the house where former Vice President Walter Mondale grew up, and the back porch is where he officially announced he was running for President against Ronald Reagan!). Therefore, it’s obviously an old home and has a lot of character! The bedrooms upstairs have textured wallpaper and floral wallpaper trim at the tops of the walls. Our little girl’s room is the same, so in these photos, you’ll see the trim and especially the light blue textured wallpaper in her room.

Pulling the Room Together

I knew I wanted white furniture in the nursery – there is something so clean and fresh about it, don’t you think? We have a white crib from Wayfair (LOVE their stuff!) and I painted the guest room’s dresser white. Our gray and white glider and ottoman are also from Wayfair. So, those pieces were the bigger items I knew I wanted to start with. I figured the rest of the decor would fall into place, especially using my mood board for inspiration!

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In the journey to make this rental house our home, I’ve learned that positioning furniture well and incorporating an area rug helps tremendously with a room’s atmosphere. Whether or not our future home has carpet in it, I know I will always be infusing rugs into our home aesthetic! I am convinced that selecting the right rug for a particular room really pulls the entire room together. 

We have a light gray rug from Lorena Canals in our baby girl’s nursery and it is seriously one of my very favorite things about the room! The color, the texture, the softness…it is amazing!

I’m also thrilled with the fact that Lorena Canals rugs undergo an extensive process to make the rugs natural and safe. They select the best raw materials, they use natural dyes, they maintain control of non-child labor in the production process, and their rugs comply with quality and safety regulations for children. Because if I’m going to have my little girl laying, sitting, or playing on this rug someday, I want to make sure it is a safe, high-quality play space for her!

This rug is called the Braids Pearl Grey. The pattern/texture up close looks almost like a cable knit sweater, which I love so much! It adds such a cozy feel to the room and I really enjoy digging my toes into the thick, comfy cotton!

Lorena Canals rugs are all machine-washable (hooray!!!) and fit into a standard size washer and dryer. That’s super important when it comes to little ones running around! 🙂 They have a whole home collection, too, that includes rugs for adult spaces besides sophisticated kids rooms. Rugs from Lorena Canals are handmade in India with all-natural dyes and contain no VOCs like most carpeting and rugs do. Knowing that our rug is natural is so great!

You know what’s especially cool about Lorena Canals’ products? Proceeds support The Sakula Project, and provide schooling for children in India! How neat to know that your purchase of their rugs goes to a great cause!

The nursery isn’t totally finished yet, as I’ll be continuing to hang things on the walls and getting baby girl’s clothing ready…but I’m excited about the progress we’ve made!


    1. Thanks, Amanda! 🙂 You are so sweet! I love the flowers, too – especially the ones in her crib sheet pattern! It is so fun to hear that you like the flower trim wallpaper at the top of the wall – that has actually been the part for me that I didn’t like as much (because it’s already there and I’m not going to remove it since we’re renting). 🙂 I’m glad you liked this post, too!

  1. I didn’t realize you were renting your current home! Our house isn’t quite as old as yours, but we have the same floral wallpaper throughout our houses as well, haha! I would love more tips on how you make your rental house a home!

    1. Hi Bailey! Yes, we are currently renting a home that my husband’s grandparents own. 🙂 So, I may not have all of the same rules as a typical renter, but I do try my best to be respectful to this house and not paint/alter things that are already part of the house – especially since it’s so historic! For me, I’ve tried to make it a home not by painting but by buying little decorations that incorporate the character of the home into the room. I do like to hang things on the walls, though! 🙂 Maybe I’ll have to do a future post about it! That is a good question and I’ll have to think about ways I’ve made this more of our home! 🙂

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