A Peek At My Favorite Planner From 1 Canoe 2


You’ve probably seen my current planner pop up on my Instagram account. After all, I love to plan, so I can’t help it! 🙂 Since we’re nearing the end of 2017 and it’ll soon be time to get our planners situated for 2018 (can you believe it?!), I wanted to share a peek at my planner with you today.

I know there are a lot of planner brands out there, and some are extremely well-known, but sometimes I wonder if people have heard of 1 Canoe 2 and their amazing planners, too! I am a die-hard fan of this company, with their high-quality, aesthetically-pleasing products (and oh, their amazing hand-lettering!!), so I wanted to spread the word.

(This is not a sponsored post; I like to share products I totally love, regardless of posts being sponsored or not.)

I purchased this planner from 1 Canoe 2, and I absolutely LOVE it! It is actually the second planner I’ve gotten from 1 Canoe 2. I liked my 2016-17 planner from them so much that I eagerly ordered this new one for 2017-18 when it came out.

Specifically, the planner I own is the 2018 Wise Words Planner in Blue Floral. It’s about the size of a normal notebook, but it is thicker and has a hard front and back cover.

Today I wanted to give you a little tour of this planner and explain why I love its layout so much. If you’ve been thinking ahead about a planner for 2018, then I think you’ll love this one!

A Peek At My Favorite Planner From 1 Canoe 2:

The cover: I ordered the pattern called Blue Floral. It was my favorite option between that and the one called Black Spots, but they’re both super cute!

In the past, the covers were made from thick card stock; however, 1 Canoe 2 has changed their planner covers to a very sturdy hardcover (like a hardcover book!). I am loving this change, because that had been the only thing in the past I would’ve changed about the planners. Now, I don’t have to worry at all about hurting the cover of my planner when I slip it into my laptop bag!

Helpful reference sections: I love when planners include important holidays or dates at the front. This planner also includes pages to record my contacts, big picture goals, and monthly goals. It’s nice to have it all in one place!

The “big picture” layout of each month: Each month in the planner starts with a thicker card stock page (the pink pages you see in these photos). Next, is a beautifully hand-lettered inspirational quote to herald the start of the month. Then, you turn to the “big picture” layout of the month. This may be my favorite part. Just like a wall calendar, it lets me view the entire month at once. Bjorn and I refer to this page the most, when we’re quickly scanning the month when we’re making plans.

(As you can see, I don’t have much planned for December 2018 yet, haha. But I’ve got some time before then!) 😉

The weekly view: I LOVE this part of the planner as well, because it functions exactly the way my brain views the week!! Each day is given a large blank space, in which you can record things like events or your to-do lists! I have small handwriting, so I can fit quite a bit into these daily boxes, but they are a nice large size no matter what.

There is also a nice “Notes” section at the end of each month, which comes in handy if I’m ever without a pad of paper or a notebook and I need to write something down.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at my current planner and hearing why I love it so much! If you’ve been thinking about getting a planner for next year (that you can start using now!), definitely check out 1 Canoe 2 and this 2018 Wise Words Planner!

Do you use a planner, too? What’s your favorite planner company?