A Minnesota Sunrise

sunrise minnesota 8

I know you just saw our St. Paul sunset walk. And here I am with a sunrise photo shoot. I just can’t help it. Magic hour, golden hour – whatever you want to call it, we’re inseparable. I’m in love with sunrises and sunsets. 😀

sunrise minnesota 6

sunrise minnesota 12

Last week I got to see how God was slowly waking up the world. Nothing beats these rural reminders of who He is.

sunrise minnesota 9

This is what waiting for the sunrise looks like: parked car on a dirt road, the moon overhead, and no sound but your breath and the crunch of gravel under your feet. And then when the sun finally slips over the curved edge of the earth, you can almost hear it sing.

sunrise minnesota 2

Watching the sun rise, I felt washed in God’s promises and His peace. His promise “I am with you always” was even more evident in this glorious sunrise. To me, sunrises and sunsets are just as full of promise as a rainbow is. “See, I am making all things new!”

sunrise minnesota 4

sunrise minnesota 11

sunrise minnesota 10

Where is God’s glory most evident where you live? Where do you go to seek out the beauty of your Creator?



    1. You’re totally welcome to visit, Daisy! 🙂 I sure do love mountains and oceans, but there is a lot of beauty in vast open spaces too – they always seem to make me look up to our Creator! 🙂

  1. WHOA. Such a beautiful picture!! Also, you are a blogger who lives in southern rural Minnesota? You don’t find that very often. Any chance you are near Mankato? That’s where I live and attend graduate school!

    1. That’s awesome, Hannah! We are about an hour from Mankato! Yes, I don’t know any other rural southern MN bloggers… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful photos! That sunrise is magnificent.

    I live in Minneapolis and I love watching the sunrise over the Minneapolis skyline on weekday mornings. But for a more natural view, I absolutely love Minnehaha Falls. It’s one of my favorite places in the city.

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