A Collection of “It’s Still Winter” Memes


It’s still (stillll) winter here in Minnesota, which is crazy! Yes, I’ve had snow days off from school in April before (and perhaps even May?!) but for some reason, this winter has seemed especially long. I think that’s partly due to the fact that I’m not teaching full-time this school year and I’m home with my daughter instead.

So, it’s been a whole new routine to get used to, and with these quieter days at home, it has felt like this winter is dragging on and on! Sophie was born in October and although we did bring her home on a 70-degree day, it’s like all she knows is cold weather! We’ve gone on a few walks when the weather has warmed just enough to get outdoors, but I’m really looking forward to getting outside more this spring and summer! 🙂

A friend and I have been sending winter-related memes back and forth lately. I think at least a bit of the sass helps us to stay warm and happy or something, haha! 😉 Humor helps when you’re just trying to make it through the winter! I’ve gotten on a roll with these, and since I’ve gathered quite a collection, I just have to share them!

Oh, and I’m including one in this post that pokes fun at Minnesotans anyway. Because we willingly live here. Haha!

Enjoy! (If you’re having a cold, snowy spring like we are, my heart goes out to you! We’ll get our warmer weather eventually!)

A Collection of “It’s Still Winter” Memes


  1. As a fellow Minnesotan, I absolutely love this. Especially as we prepare for what’s to come this weekend. We have to at least enjoy the fact that it ‘shouldn’t’ last too much longer, and it helps to laugh and joke about it.

    When I get to feeling down about it, I just remind myself that our ancestors survived here in harsher weather conditions without our modern day conveniences.

  2. HAHAHAHA. I love this.

    Current faves: “hope it falls on a weekend,” “stay because your car won’t start,” and “It’s snowing – must be pretty warm out.”

    I love our state… the weather makes us heartier.

  3. Lol…my sister used to live in Warroad,MN. Now she lives in Madison, WI. Still.cold and has snow but not as much. This has seemed like a long winter this year!

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