7 Ways to Incorporate a Sense of Peace Into Your Home

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7 ways to incorporate peace into your home - Just Bee

I love being at home. I do! In personality tests, I’ve always come out as 50/50 introvert and extrovert…but in the last couple years, I’ve really embraced my introverted side. When my “introvert moments” 🙂 intersect with my ability to be at home, then I am really grateful for a peaceful house. Even my relatives call our place the “peace house!”

But besides this home’s location in a quiet small-town neighborhood, how does a peaceful home come to be? Your home should feel like a place you can truly relax in, regardless of if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. It takes thought and intention to make a home feel like a peaceful retreat. But it’s super doable. 🙂


How to incorporate a sense of peace into your home:

1 // Decorate with items that evoke a quieter, slower era. For us, it’s relatively easy since we live in a significantly older house! But the main old-fashioned touch we love to have on display is our record player and collection of records. We use our record player all the time! I’m not saying that you have to decorate in a rustic manner. But seeing even just one item that is older can help you (or guests) feel a sense of peace. I could even see a fireplace fitting into this category. Think of the things your grandparents used to get joy from when they were younger! Let me guess – it probably wasn’t a big screen TV. And if you ever need inspiration, check out Lehman’s (magazine and store).

2 // Get a fish tank. No matter the size. Whether it’s a 75-gallon tank or simply a small bowl, there’s something about aqua habitats that instantly make your home feel like a retreat! Bjorn and I can’t gush enough about our fish tank and what that has done for the atmosphere of our home! We have chosen not to get a television, so our 75-gallon tank is the large focal point of our living room. It’s lovely to look at, of course, but it also brings with it sounds of ambience. Our guests always remark on how peaceful it sounds. Ever wonder why dentists’ offices often have fish tanks? They’re trying to calm you down! 😉

3 // Decorate with plants. Of course, you’ll have to care for them, so don’t let that stress you out. 🙂 But there’s something about having live greenery in the house that evokes a sense of calm. Perhaps it’s because we often feel calmer exploring the outdoors – and this brings a bit of the outdoors in! Bjorn has an entire low table dedicated to his cacti (yes, he’s the one with the green thumb! some of them he’s had since he was in high school or earlier! Meanwhile, I bought us a “lucky bamboo” and asked him to water it please 🙂 ).

4 // Use ambient lighting. It’s interesting how much of a difference lighting makes! Instead of employing bright overhead lighting all the time, try a few smaller lamps or even candles. Even natural light, if you can get it – or move the furniture around to make the ideal reading/sitting spot.

5 // Go for plainer and cooler colors. Bright and colorful is fun, and something like yellow or red can be great for a room where you need creative juices flowing… but if I’m honest, I’ll always be somewhat attached to neutrals and white and light blues and greens, with gray at the top of my list. There’s something so spa-like about these colors. If you feel like an area of your home is jarring or distracting, consider the colors you use in that room. Right now, I’m happily typing away partly because I’m sitting at my white-painted desk with a gray pillow and white lace curtains near me and quotes hung around the office in light blues and greens. I can’t help it. I truly believe neutrals and cool colors help me to relax!

6 // Clean. 🙂 I mean it! If I’m sitting on the couch, wondering why I’m feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, it’s frequently because I just need to do a bit of tidying! Straightening up the house may be just what you need to feel at peace again! Not really in the mood to clean all day? Check out my post on how to clean your house if you’ve only got 20 minutes! All my peace-inducing tricks are right there. 🙂

7 // Make little “retreat corners.” Whether it’s a mini windowseat look you’re going for, or just an extra dining room chair somewhere else with a cute pillow on it – if you create corners of your house where you can relax, you’ll soon feel refreshed.


Don’t think that your whole house should become a haven of peace overnight! It’s wonderful even to have one or two quieter, calmer rooms to retreat to if need be.

And if you want your whole home to feel peaceful… Start with just one room – goodness, even the bathroom! – that you want to feel more peaceful, and work from there.

Do you feel peaceful at your place? How do you incorporate peace into your home?



  1. I love this, Hannah! I’ve always thought your home looks so peaceful based on the glimpses we get to see on the blog. It looks like the kind of place I would want to retreat to – which is exactly what a home should be!

    Your posts have been so great and helpful lately! Keep it up! ?

    1. Thank you, Brianna! It took a bit of time for me to get the house we’re renting to feel cozy and like my own home! But now, I really love it – and just hanging out at home! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, too!

    1. 🙂 Yes, that would be a problem in keeping plants around!! I agree – green is such a great color to have around! I’m even thinking one of those little indoor trees could be fun! 🙂

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