5 Ways to Keep Friendship in Your Marriage

5 ways to keep friendship in marriage for blog

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Today, as a change of pace, I’m centering my 5 things around one of my favorite topics – marriage. As newlyweds, my husband and I are learning a lot about doing life together and I’m eager to share some of our reflections!

I always wanted to marry my best friend. So did Bjorn. 🙂 It’s a philosophy we both had individually before we even met each other! I heard once that “true love is friendship set on fire.” I just love that! While a marriage does need to be more than just plain friendship to thrive, there are just SO many articles and tips and tricks out there on “keeping your relationship sexy” and “how to increase your romance”…Well, it makes for great headlines, but they are missing out on a vital element of marriage – friendship!!


1. Confide in each other. Make it a habit to share life – verbally – with your spouse! Just as any other friendship needs 2 people actually talking about their lives, this relationship will thrive on communication. Share the big things, the little things, the ups, and the downs. Connect with each other so that you know what’s truly on each other’s hearts. This sets you up to best serve your spouse.

2. Make time for the 2 of you. Gravitate towards time spent together, not apart from each other. If you’re always going out with other friends, or doing your own thing, how are you nurturing your friendship with your husband? I’ve heard that one of the most dangerous but gradual patterns for a marriage is when the couple begins to lead completely separate lives. Your desire should be to spend quality time with your husband!

3. Learn together. This adds a whole new facet to your relationship, apart from romance, and it is seriously so fun to connect intellectually. Whether it’s taking a one-time paddle boarding lesson together, standing next to each other during a guided tour, or actually discovering a new hobby…learning together can be rewarding in so many ways! We’re a little obsessed with lifelong learning over here. I’ll spare you the details. 🙂

4. Be goofy. It’s amazing how quickly we get serious and forget to have fun. What’s wrong with a little immaturity every now and then? 🙂 There are so many ways to laugh together. Have nicknames for each other that no one else knows about! Make up inside jokes. Keep reminding each other that life is full of joys, big and small. My parents are a beautiful example of best friends who got married. I remember as a little kid seeing or hearing them laugh about something…as a kid, I’d have no idea what cracked them up, but it always gave me a neat perspective on friendship (and laughter) within a marriage.

5. Encourage each other. Have an “I’ll help you!” attitude, not a “How will you serve me?” one! I struggle with this one because I know I have a selfish heart, but on days I make a true effort to encourage and support Bjorn, I can immediately feel the mood lighten and our love grow!

While we value the friendship aspect of our marriage very much, we know that what makes all the difference is giving our marriage – and our lives – to God. Praying for God’s strength, wisdom, and hedge of protection around a marriage is the true key to success.

Know that we are not perfect, nor do we have this marriage thing down pat… But we are enthusiastically pursuing each other on this journey and I hope these little tips encouraged you in some way!

How do you nurture your friendship with your husband?? I’d love to hear!

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    1. Thanks, Kerri!! We’re certainly not experts, but these are the little things we’ve learned so far! 🙂

  1. I love your blog so much! I just discovered it. Your tips are really helpful and accurate. I am not married (yet :P), but my boyfriend is my best friend in the whole world and he is the one I want to be married to.

    Out of the topic but I was wondering about your job as a teacher. (I’m French-Canadian, by the way.) I will be studying english as a second language (teaching) this year and I really would like to be an elementary school teacher. What program do you need to do in the States to become one? (Maybe I’ll live in the States one day, who knows.)

    Again, your blog is awesome.

    1. Thank you, Marie-Pier!! You are so sweet! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Here in the States, I earned a 4-year degree in college, with a Kindergarten-6th grade Elementary Education license as a result of taking licensure tests (on things like reading, writing, math, and child pedagogy). If you are already taking classes now, and then you become qualified to teach (have a license), then you should just need to take the tests required for the state you want to teach in. For example, Minnesota has different licensing tests than North Carolina would. I hope that helps a little! Good luck to you! That sounds like a fun program! 🙂 And thank you for following along here 🙂

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