5 Things I’ve Learned From Living in a Small Town


Good morning, friends! Happy Thursday! It’s a beautiful, quiet morning here in our small town – the kind where the golden sunshine slants through your windows and makes everything in your home seem cozy and cheerful. My husband’s finally home (more on that in this post), which means my heart feels like it is home again. It is a wonderful feeling waking up next to the one you love! We plan on having a slow day around here and really soaking in these last few days of summer.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you that today I’m guest posting over at Heavens to Betsy! I’m honored to have this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed reading Heavens to Betsy for a long time – Betsy has a wonderful heart and I really admire her. Today on her blog I’m talking about small town life (something that several of you have requested more of!) and what I’ve learned as a suburbs girl who now calls a smaller rural community home!

Click here to get to the post. I’ll be reading comments over there, as well, and I’d love to hear about any small town experiences you’ve had too!



  1. I grew up in a small rural town and there are so many things I miss about it. Honestly, I decided as long as I am close to the postal service, a church, and a grocery store I’m good to go 🙂

    1. Those sound like the essentials for sure, Autumn! Good point. We’ve got a little post office (open a few hours a day) near us, but no place for groceries of any sort! So then it’s off to the next town for those essentials. There are about 4 churches here, though. 🙂 It’s fun to hear that you grew up in a small rural town! There certainly are many special things about that life. Thanks for reading along, Autumn!

  2. That sounds so great, Pia! I grew up in a town of 23,000 and even then I felt like I was running into people I knew all the time! I bet it’s a quiet university town when the students are all gone!! I’m glad you’re loving it!

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