5 Reasons to Strive For a Clean Home


love having a clean home. Wiping the final gleaming countertop at the end of an afternoon cleaning spree is seriously satisfying! But life is busy and it can be difficult to catch up sometimes once we let a bit of clutter pile up! Luckily, there are no awards in life for having a sparkling clean house (or penalties when we don’t!!) – it is just something that we shoot for! A clean place brings with it benefits that aren’t just shallow. I believe that there are some really valid reasons to strive for a clean home! Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the motivation behind cleaning:

5 Reasons to Strive For a Clean Home

5 Reasons to Strive For a Clean Home:

1 // Your routines can go on uninhibited. This means that if your items are all placed where they belong, and you’re not stepping around piles of things on the floor, you have a better chance of making it out the door on time! 🙂 Don’t you just hate being all ready to leave the house, and then struggling to find something small that you realized you needed? This certainly has happened to us before – and it really is a huge motivating factor for me in terms of why I want to keep a clean, organized home!

2 // It lowers anxiety levels – for everyone! If you and your family commit together to keeping an organized, clean place, then you’ll find you feel more at peace! Even though we can get used to our certain little piles of clutter during busy seasons of life, it is AMAZING to think of the relief we feel once we finally put things away! Now that is a great reason to work towards having a cleaner place!

3 // It sets you up for better hospitality and spontaneity. No one wants to find out that people are coming over and be filled with a sense of “uh oh” dread as you look around your messy place…wondering if you can get the house clean in time! Instead, we want to be filled with eagerness and excitement at having people over! I have found that when our house has been kept mostly clean and tidy throughout the week, then my weekends aren’t as tiring. It’s not fun to end the work week and then decide I have to dedicate Friday evening to dishes and clean-up. I believe we are in a better position (clutter-wise AND emotionally) to welcome people into our home when we have kept it nice during the week. 

In addition, there is the spontaneity factor. When I know that things are clean and well-maintained at home, I find I am more willing to just drop everything and spend the day out and about with my husband or head out of town to visit my parents.

4 // It keeps you healthier! Dust gathers (and honestly, bugs can too..) on whatever items we have out all the time! This is a common-sense reason but also good motivation.

5 // It means we are being a good steward of what God has given us. Even if it isn’t our dream house or final location, even if it is “just” an apartment or a rental…where we live is a gift of shelter from our Creator, and when we keep things tidy, we are being good stewards and are showing our gratitude for what we do have. We want to keep our homes useful and useable!

What is your biggest motivation for striving to keep a clean home?

If you already LOVE cleaning, or if you want to work on maintaining a clean home, or you’re wondering about a simple way to begin, then I’ve got a little treat for you! I’ve created a free, printable 20-Minute Housecleaning Checklist and I want you to have it. 🙂 CLICK HERE to download the checklist! 🙂





    1. Yes! That’s so true, Elyse! A messy place can heighten our anxiety, which is totally no fun! 🙁 Hopefully these tips brought you some encouragement! Thank you for reading along! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Charis! Yep, it totally takes discipline to maintain a clean place! We are still working on it but it is so rewarding, for many reasons! Thanks for following along with Just Bee and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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