2 Years of Marriage: A Love Letter To My Husband

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Riverdance in Minneapolis last weekend - such a fun, special way to celebrate 2 years of marriage!!
Riverdance in Minneapolis last weekend – such a fun, special way to celebrate 2 years of marriage!!

Dear Bjorn,

Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have you in my life. I’ve spent an evening poring over old photos of us, squinting at our expressions, trying to relive the scene, and savor whatever emotions we felt in that snapshot. I’ve relished our love story: both perspectives once again. I’ve scrolled through photos of giggly, silly times in college and honeymooning times in Virginia, of times when everything seemed a lot simpler, with less to juggle and balance and worry about. But all of the pictures, regardless of the life season we took them in, make me so happy to look at. Because it’s you and me.

Army Ball, junior year in college
The night we got engaged
The night we got engaged

We’ve experienced a lot during these 2 years of marriage: yes, there have been tears and conversations riding on frustration. But there have been such happy, beautiful, perfect moments, too: times when we couldn’t smile big enough, or laugh loud enough, or hug each other tight enough. But most of all, like you’ve said, we’ve been blessed with realizing just how easy it really is to go through daily life with our best friend.

Engagement pictures
Engagement pictures – Carissa Christine Photography
Our engagement pictures - Carissa Christine Photography
Our engagement pictures – Carissa Christine Photography


I never thought that there would be moments of our marriage that would hit me out of the blue with such feelings of love – better than any fairy tale. I’ve come to realize that no matter the situations we find ourselves in, what matters most is that we are doing it together.

Carissa Christine Photography

And oh, I could go on and on about your servant-heart and your watchfulness and thoughtfulness towards me. You astound me with your endless ways to show me you care for me and you’re taking care of me. You’ve scooped me up countless times from my moments of failure. You’ve reassured me of my worth and what it means to trust and to move forward. You’ve been protective of me, you’ve challenged me, and you’ve excitedly cheered me on. Every single slow-dance in the kitchen, every inside joke, every spontaneous hug or kiss, every small reassurance or goofy joke or documentary watched or historical site visited or book read together has logged itself into a precious, precious memory bank. This life we’re building together is so wonderful, and you are such a gift. Now it is my job – my delight! – to love you back as intentionally and wholly as I can!

Right after we walked down the aisle as husband and wife
Right after we walked down the aisle as husband and wife

You are my best friend and never will cease to be. I promise not to shut you out of my life. I promise to try daily to show you how much I love you…and when I fail to do so, I promise to humbly apologize. I promise to watch out for you, to always pray for you, and to continue to care for you in as loving a way as I know how.


Our summer living in Virginia
Our summer living in Virginia

I have loved this past year of marriage, not because our life situations have been easy or stress-free…but because it’s hit me over and over again just how perfectly God matched us for each other! Our personalities fit each other even better than I ever thought or dreamed. Our specific strengths balance the other’s weaknesses; together, we make such a great team, and I feel so lucky!




If 2 whole years of marriage have flown by this quickly, I can only imagine how quickly our future years together will fly by. My prayer is that I always show you I love you, cherish you, and that I’m your teammate every minute of every day.

I love you, Bear.

Love, Bee



    1. Thanks, Amanda! 🙂 It was also really fun and special to write, since it got me thinking about all we’ve been through and all the adventures to come!

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