14 Lovely Children’s Books for the Enneagram 4 Parent (+ for the poetic side of all of us!)

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The idea for this post has been bouncing around in my head for a while! I love children’s books so much (we’re huge book lovers in this family!) and I’ve also been enjoying the Enneagram lately. Combine the two topics, and you have today’s post!

If you haven’t heard of the Enneagram yet, it’s a framework for understanding the 9 different personality types. I started learning about it a little “late to the game” (it’s been pretty trendy for a while now!). I’ve honestly found it to be quite helpful when it comes to understanding myself AND my relationships with others.

I’m an Enneagram Four, which can be described as the “romantic” of the Enneagram, haha. There are many memes out there about this: Fours tend to imagine their life as a poetic, romantic movie, doing things like “watching the rain out the window and pondering the deep things in life.” I’m glad I can laugh at myself, haha! These Enneagram Four tendencies are quite true about me! πŸ™‚

According to The Enneagram Institute website (which is my favorite Enneagram resource, especially their Type Descriptions), Type Fours love to create and surround themselves with beauty. Fours are creative and love to experience beauty even in the little things! (Of course, there are negative sides to every personality type, and I can relate to many of those as well, but I do like this positive part of being a Four!) My Type Four traits really show themselves when it comes to choosing and reading books with my daughter! I’ve started to notice a theme with my favorite children’s books – of course my favorites are all books that a Four would love!

Today I wanted to share a list of our favorite children’s books in our home – specifically, the ones on our shelves that appeal most to an Enneagram Four! Of course, these are all just plain great books for anyone to read. So, no matter your personality type, I’d still encourage you to definitely check these titles out! Our favorite place to get books is Amazon, so I’m including our Amazon links. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do!

This list is in no particular order; I just looked through all of our bookshelves and found the best ones!

PS – Remember that children’s literature can be wonderful for grown-ups, too! Of course, some board books are definitely for little ones…but don’t skip over all children’s literature just because you yourself are no longer a child! Some of the greatest gems are books that live in the children’s genre section of the library!

14 Lovely Children’s Books for the Enneagram 4 Parent

Little Red Barn // Such a sweet little board book. This one rhymes and has darling descriptions of all the farm animals that call their little barn home.

Good Dog, Carl // This board book actually has no words! The thoughtful family dog, Carl, babysits the baby while the mother is out for the day (obviously not a wise, realistic choice – haha – but cute for a book). The sweet illustrations show the special day that the baby and dog have, and it’s cute to see how carefully Carl cares for the baby!

Tiny, Perfect Things // This is Sophie’s current FAVORITE book and has been the one she requests the most for a long time. Actually, it’s probably tied for first with “When the Wind Stops,” which is also on this list. πŸ™‚ I bought “Tiny, Perfect Things” quite some time ago, after loving another M.H. Clark book so much. In this book, a girl and her grandfather are out on a walk in the evening with just the goal of looking for tiny, perfect things along the way. They find items like beautiful leaves, animals, and other little objects on their walk. The way the book is written is so sweet – showing perfectly the slower pace of a thoughtful walk with your grandpa. And the illustrations are so gorgeous. They’re the kind of illustrations that you look at time and time again, and keep discovering more little things the illustrator placed in the picture! This book is a keeper! Sophie loves it so much, because it allows her to “explore” so many details that the girl and her grandfather find along the way! It really encourages you to have a child’s perspective on discovering the world around you.

Miss Rumphius // Before having Sophie and becoming introduced to even more children’s books, this book was my favorite children’s book of all time. It still may be my favorite! It tells the story of Miss Rumphius, an adventurous woman who leads a beautiful, full life, but eventually returns to her dream home and looks for her own special way to improve the world and make it more beautiful. Barbara Cooney’s illustrations are stunning!

Found: Psalm 23 // Have you heard of “The Jesus Storybook Bible?” This book is written by the same author. Sally Lloyd-Jones has such a beautiful way with words. I understand that it’s not a more traditional Bible translation, but it definitely captures the heart of the 23rd Psalm. I love it so much – this book is like a healing balm to my soul every time I read it to Sophie. And Sophie gets so much out of it, too! “God is my Shepherd, and I am his little lamb. He feeds me. He guides me. He looks after me. He gives me everything I need. Inside, my heart is very quiet.” So beautiful! Sophie always sighs with happiness whenever the Good Shepherd rescues the baby lamb. It’s a great book to begin the conversation with your little ones about how God provides for us and takes care of us.

Yonder // I love this book. It’s a poetic look at a family’s generational story on the same farmland, year after year. From the first husband and wife settling on the land, to babies and grandbabies playing there over the years, it’s such a sweet tale with beautiful, almost impressionistic paintings. I love the repeated phrase throughout the book: “yonder, way over yonder.”

Go to Sleep, Little Farm // A new favorite! As in, this book may actually beat “Miss Rumphius” for me currently! This was a random find at a toy store, and boy, am I glad I picked it up. I always enjoy this kind of “go to sleep” book, because it creates such a peaceful atmosphere for your little one as you read it to them before bed! Much of this book has a rhyme scheme, and I can’t get over its perfectly poetic approach to everything on a farm going to sleep for the night. Various animals find their beds for the night outside, and even a “story goes to sleep in a book,” and the “minutes go to sleep inside the clocks.” I just love the slow, sleepy pace of this book! And the illustrations are so lovely, too! Definitely pick this book up if you’re in the market for a peaceful, poetic read. It is a board book, technically, but it’d honestly be good for a lot of ages – not too “babyish” in the least!

When The Wind Stops // This is the other book that Sophie requests all the time! She calls it “stop.” πŸ™‚ In this book, a little boy is being tucked in for bed. First, he recalls the beautiful, fun things he did that day. Then he starts a conversation with his mother for the rest of the book about what happens when the wind stops, where clouds go after the storm, where the sun goes at the end of the day…it’s a lovely read! The basic theme of the book is that everything cycles around the early – the sun will come back another day, the waves will be sucked back into the sea to make new waves, etc. And the illustrations are a beautiful mix between abstract and pretty nature scenes.

Mr. Putter & Tabby Pour the Tea // I had to include this book in the list today because it just fills you with all those deep, warm, sappy feelings – despite being a shorter read! I like this one most out of the “Mr. Putter & Tabby” books, although their “Walk the Dog” book is hilarious! In this book, Mr. Putter is a lonely elderly man looking for a companion to share his tea with, listen to his records with, and tell his wonderful, interesting stories to! He finally finds an old cat to adopt. It’s so sweet to see the two of them have a second chance at a satisfying, slow-paced life together!

Goodnight Moon // Now this is a classic peaceful bedtime story! Most people know this book already so I won’t go into too much detail. But Sophie sure loved this one for a long time! And, I’ll be honest, even reading it aloud to her in the evenings really helped me feel peaceful inside, too! It’s fun for little ones to look for the tiny mouse to point out on each page as well. πŸ™‚

A Kissing Hand for Chester Raccoon // This is a very sweet little board book. Chester Raccoon doesn’t want to leave his mama but she reassures him by placing a special kiss on the center of his palm, and reminds him that anytime he’s missing her he can put his hand up to his cheek and feel that kiss and that love from his mama!

You Belong Here // This book made me cry when I first heard parts of it back when I was pregnant with Sophie. I liked the poem in it so much that I made a canvas for Sophie’s room featuring it! It’s written by M.H. Clark, just like our other favorite book, “Tiny, Perfect Things.” This whole book is a beautiful poem about how each animal has the place it lives, but “you belong here with me.” πŸ™‚

Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear // I read this book to Sophie today and teared up at the end – like usual. If you love gorgeous illustrations and you’re a sucker for a heartwarming surprise twist at the end, this is the book for you! “Finding Winnie” wins in all categories: illustrations, poetic language, and a beautiful true story!

Little Yellow Bee // This is another darling board book, similar to “Little Red Barn, at the top of this post. It’s cute to see all the friends the little yellow bee meets along the way.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have! Even if you just read one from the list, I know your day will be brightened by it – and perhaps you’ll find a new favorite, too!


  1. Ms. Rumphius. <3 This was one of my favorites as a child. I love that book so much and will forever hold a special place in my heart for lupines.

    1. Yes! That is such a beautiful book! I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen lupines in person, but after reading that book, I’d sure love to! πŸ™‚

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