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I’m so excited about today’s post, because I’ve honestly been wanting to share it with you for months now!

Remember how I designed Sophie’s nursery to be a “southern garden” theme? I had a very detailed mood board and everything! I wrote all about it in this post (and you can see the mood board here, too!).

If you looked closely at the mood board for Sophie’s room, then you probably saw that it included a type of poem written in small font. This wasn’t just an example of any kind of poem or quote; it was a specific one that I absolutely loved and knew I had to have in my daughter’s nursery!

How I Chose the Poem:

I came across the following poem on someone’s Instagram early last summer – it was on a print she had in her daughter’s nursery.

The trees belong in the wild wood
and the deer belong in their shade,
and the birds belong so safe and good
and warm in the nests that they’ve made

And you belong where you love to be,
and after each day is through
you will always belong right next to me
and I’ll belong next to you

You are a dream that the world once dreamt
and now you are part of its song
That’s why you are here,
in the place where you’re meant
for this is right where you belong.

And naturally, being emotional and pregnant, I started crying the second I read it. I immediately knew it was the perfect poem for our little Sophie! Isn’t it just beautiful??

It turns out, it’s an excerpt from a children’s book called You Belong Here (aff. link) by M.H. Clark.

Sophie now has the book, too. It is one of the prettiest children’s books I have ever seen; the words are incredibly tender with beautiful rhyme schemes, and the illustrations are amazing.

It’s the kind of book that makes the perfect present for any new parent or young child. (In a way, it reminds me of the book “Love You Forever.”)

Now, let’s look at how to turn a precious poem into something special to hang on the wall!

How I Made the Canvas:

I spent time looking up how I could get ahold of that exact print…and it was over $100! I just didn’t want to spend that on a canvas print, as beautiful as it was. So, I began brainstorming and decided, I could make that!

Let me say that I didn’t hand-paint the text onto a canvas or anything…this post isn’t that kind of DIY! 🙂 But this did take a bit of finagling and I’m glad I worked hard at it, because the end result is lovely and it’s something I’ll always cherish.

I found a site called Canvas Champ that I ordered my canvas from. I had a really good experience with them and I’d definitely use them again.

Since I wanted a fairly large canvas for Sophie’s nursery, I selected one that was 16″ x 20″. I kept the rest of their canvas settings (like special laminating) pretty basic.

Canvas Champ has an option for you to upload an image to fill your canvas, and I knew I’d need to somehow design the poem as an image. So, I used my free Canva account to create a downloadable image with the text I wanted.

On Canva, you can specify the exact size you want your design to be; to prevent my poem from looking too fuzzy when stretched out onto the canvas, I specified the size of my design at 34″ x 28″. An added bonus of doing this myself was that I could really customize the font style! I used the font called “Forum” on Canva, if you’re curious. I could then download my saved image from Canva, and upload it to the Canvas Champ site!

Once I got my image uploaded onto Canvas Champ, all I had to do was verify that everything looked good, and place my order! All in all, it was a simple process to design and order a canvas like this… and the best part? It only cost me about $30!

Now Sophie has a lovely poem printed on a canvas in her nursery – a meaningful poem from a book I know we’ll enjoy for years to come. I love that it was only about $30, and it was a fun project! I definitely recommend trying this option if you have a poem or quote in mind that you want on a canvas in your home!

Have you ever done a project like this? What kinds of quotes do you like to hang in your home?


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