Being Intentional About Summer


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Summer 2015 is JUST around the corner! I am blown away by how quickly this school year has passed, though we teachers sure are ready for vacation. 🙂

Last summer was one of the best summers of our lives! We lived at Fort Lee in Virginia all summer for Bjorn’s army training, and because he had evenings and weekends off, we got to treat that time as one big honeymoon! (If you’re curious about any of the VA spots we visited, there’s a whole Travel section you can peruse if you click HERE.)

For a while now, I’ve been looking ahead at THIS summer and thinking about our plans…and our to-do list.

A to-do list? For summertime? Well, yes. 😉 If you’re more of the planning sort like me, the words “to-do list” don’t make you nervous – in fact, you probably have a list yourself! If not, you may be recoiling from the idea…but having a list of plans and ideas and projects helps me feel more settled,  gives me a lot to look forward to, and it hopefully will mean a more successful, productive summer. We’re looking forward to home projects, a couple different trips, and more, so I want to make sure we fit everything in.

I’ve divided the list up into multiple sections – titled “things to prep/start early,” “on-going smaller projects,” “bigger projects to conquer,” and “later in the summer.” Organizing the summer list like this keeps it from becoming an overwhelming mess of items that aren’t prioritized! It also really helps as I look at our calendar and plan out when these outings can actually happen or when home DIY projects can be accomplished.

It’s exciting to have our somewhat-finalized summer 2015 list in hand (or, I suppose, “on phone”)! This summer is sure to be full of fun projects and excursions, and now I know what I need to get going on right away and what I can sketch into our calendar for later on! And I sure am excited to be sharing some of these fun things with you along the way!

Friday to do list

How about you, friends? Do you keep lists – even subdivided ones like I do? 🙂 How do you plan for your summer/make sure you do all you are looking forward to?



  1. I absolutely think it’s useful to have a summer to-do list! If I’ve learned anything from the many summer’s I’ve squandered, the only way to truly relax and enjoy is to be intentional about it– not watching TV and going out to restaurants all the time. I hope you have the absolute best summer, Hannah!

    1. Thank you, Daisy! And you’re right, most of this list-concept stems from summers I’ve squandered myself! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your pictures from Japan! Have such a wonderful time! 🙂

  2. I love the categories you used to section off your to-do list! I think it makes it much more manageable. I always have all these things I want to do during the summer, but it’s hard to prioritize and get things done. I’ll have to try your summer list categories. Hope you have an amazing summer!

    1. Thanks, Sky!! I hope those categories help you as you look at your summer schedule! It sure can be hard to prioritize everything we want to get done. Here’s to a productive, fun summer 2015! 🙂

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